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Emergency information, news releases, traffic information, weather alerts, election information and more. 

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Enhanced Weather Alerts in Alert Loudoun 
Link to larger view of geographic area for weather alertsAlert Loudoun provides subscribers with the opportunity to receive weather alerts that could impact a geographic area associated with the addresses used when registering an account. By providing physical addresses with your account, you can customize and receive weather alerts targeted for those addresses.

Beginning August 15, 2018, the weather alerts will include a link to a webpage that displays more detailed information about the weather alert, including a list of the affected areas, a description of the weather event, protective actions, expected time frame and a map of the affected area. 

In order for the Alert Loudoun system to implement the new weather alert technology, the addresses associated with the weather alerts will be limited to those within a specific geographic area. This will include Loudoun and the area within a 75-mile radius from the center of the National Capital Region

You can receive weather alerts through your email, by text to your cell phone or the Alert Loudoun/Everbridge app. Only tornado warnings are delivered through a phone call.

You Can Control the Time of Your Weather Alerts 
Weather alerts can be sent at any time as weather events occur, but as a subscriber to Alert Loudoun, you may wish to establish a Quiet Time. With the exception of tornado warnings, no weather alerts will be delivered to any device during the Quiet Time hours you designate. This feature can be enabled when you select weather alerts under the “My Alerts” section of your Alert Loudoun profile.  

Traffic Alerts
One of the most popular categories of Alert Loudoun is "Loudoun Traffic and Road Closures." Stay on top of what's happening on Loudoun roads by signing up for traffic alerts. 

Opt-in Notifications 
Loudoun County is offering opt-in notifications for election updates and tax information. 
  • Text LCVOTES to 888777 to receive text alerts from the Loudoun County Office of Elections and Voter Registration
  • Text the word “TAXES” to 888777 to receive text messages about tax-related information, including upcoming deadlines.

Community Emergency Voice Notifications 
Loudoun County residents can register their cell phones in the county's community emergency voice notification database, which facilitates communication with groups of people in a defined geographic area. If you are interested in registering your wireless device with us, you may sign up through Alert Loudoun.

Background on Alert Loudoun
Alert Loudoun is the notification system Loudoun County uses to send citizens emergency information, news releases, traffic information, weather alerts, and more. 

The system will send you information you need wherever you are. For example, subscribers may register to receive weather alerts that affect not only their home address, but also their work location, their children’s day care provider, their children’s school, or their parents’ home. 

Alert Loudoun also gives subscribers the ability to customize how they receive information – by text, email, and/or mobile app. The new system will first send a message to what you designate as your primary means of notification. If it doesn’t reach you that way, it will try another method.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find some frequently asked questions about the new Alert Loudoun.

Q. How can I maximize the weather alerts in Alert Loudoun?
A. With the Alert Loudoun system, by providing a physical address with your account, you can customize and receive weather alerts targeted for that address. In addition, you may register for alerts affecting your home, workplace, children’s schools, and more.  

Q. Why is there a confirmation option with Alert Loudoun messages?
A. The confirmation option lets the system know that you have received the message. Once you confirm receipt of the message, the system stops trying to deliver the messages through the other methods or devices you have selected for your account. For example, the email alert asks you to acknowledge receipt through a link; a text alert to your cell phone asks you to reply "Yes and send;" while the mobile app (see below) gives you the option to press "Confirm."

Q. I signed up to receive alerts as text messages on my cell phone but am not receiving the texts. Any idea why I am not receiving text message alerts?
A. Your phone or service provider may be “blocking” these alerts. All Alert Loudoun SMS text messages come from the Everbridge SMS short code number #89361 or #87844. What you'll need to do is call your cell phone carrier to confirm that they are not blocking the Everbridge SMS short code (#89361 or #87844) on your device. For most major carriers, dialing 611 from the device will get you to their service to ask about short code blocking. Other causes of this issue include: Not adding Everbridge to the list of 9999 unblock/block Sprint Commands (for Sprint customers only); and content downloads, such as paid game/ringtone downloads being blocked (they should be unblocked) 

Q. What is the best web browser to use with Alert Loudoun?
A. The best Internet browser to use with Alert Loudoun/Everbridge is Google Chrome. The Everbridge platform also supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11+ and Edge. 

Q. Is there an app for Alert Loudoun?
A. Yes. You can download the Everbridge app for your smartphone. Search for the Everbridge app on the Apple Store or Google Play store. (Everbridge is the company whose software is used to send our alerts.)

Q. I live in Loudoun, but work in Fairfax. How can I sign up for another jurisdiction’s alerts?
A. Go to www.Capitalert.gov for links to the alert systems for area jurisdictions. 

Q. Will my contact information be shared with others?
A. No. The information that you provide will be used only for notification purposes. We will not give or sell your contact or location information to any vendor or other organization.

Q. Is there a charge for this service?
A. No, this is a free service provided by Loudoun County, however, standard messaging and data rates may apply. It is part of a regional effort to ensure effective communications throughout the National Capital Region (NCR) during emergencies and other events.  

Q. Who do I contact for more information?
A. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

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