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Read about what material will be taught as part of the curriculum for specific weeks.

Week One
Discover reasons for teen misbehavior while getting to know each other. Break into two groups: one for teens and one for parents and talk about what your family has been going through.

Week Two
Identify "buttons" pushed by teens and parents during conflict and learn "button-busting" strategies. Many teens know how to control the mood and direction of arguments by pushing your buttons; it allows them to get their own way and can make you too emotional to respond in the best way. Learn button-buster strategies to stay in charge.

Week Three through Six
Create a Family Agreement about rules you want to see your teen follow. The main reason why Family Agreements are so successful is because it has input from your teen, counselors, and other families who are in the same situation.

Week Seven
Discuss proven strategies to bring you and your teen closer. This has been talked about by parents and teens as the best class because it helps to soften your relationship and bring back some of the loving care and attention to the relationship.

For more information, contact Julie Sayuri Heinl at 703-737-8168 or by email; or John Walker at 571-258-3071 or email, to provide more details about Family Connections and Managing Your Difficult Teen.

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