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Zoning Ordinance
Changes to Zoning Ordinance Online Format 
The Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning uses a PDF file format for the 1993 Revised Zoning Ordinance designed to enhance the search functionality. The changes from previous versions include: 
  • The Cover Page and “Listing of Amendments” have been included in the single ’93 Revised Zoning Ordinance PDF file.
  • The Table of Contents is now included in the single PDF file.  Each entry in the Table of Contents has a direct link to the location within the Zoning Ordinance.  Using the “Last View” Navigational Arrow within Adobe Reader version 10 or greater, will allow for return to previous page views, if desired.
  • All page numbers, previously based on separate Article paginations, have been removed.
Adobe Reader-supported bookmarks are still available and can be used to supplement search functionality or as an alternative to the embedded Table of Content links. 

We hope these changes prove helpful for those users of the ’93 Revised Zoning Ordinance.  If you care to share your comments, please send your correspondence to via email.

Revised 1993 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance
1993 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance (Pre-January 7, 2003) 1972 Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance Administration 
The Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance is administered and enforced by the Loudoun County Zoning Administrator, Mark Stultz. The Zoning Administration Team administers multiple zoning ordinances within the county, by reviewing legislative and land development applications, updating the official zoning map and zoning ordinance, and researching and presenting zoning ordinance amendments to the Board of Supervisors. Staff also researches and presents zoning appeals, variances and special exceptions for error in building location to the Board of Zoning Appeals. This team is responsible for responding to inquires from citizens and members of the business community. Active land development and legislative applications can be assessed by using the Loudoun Online Land Applications System (LOLA.)

The Proffer Team ensures that all bonded proffer and special exception conditions have been fulfilled prior to developer bond release, and performs audits of applications to ensure that all proffers and special exception conditions have been satisfied. Staff researches and presents proffer appeals to the Board of Supervisors, and reviews draft proffer statements submitted with rezoning applications and conditions of approval submitted with special exception applications, to ensure the measures being proposed are concise, enforceable and to the benefit of the citizens of Loudoun County.

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