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Loudoun County has honored the winners of the 2010 Loudoun County Environmental Preservation Awards. Through the awards program, the Department of Building & Development recognizes local building and development projects and companies that have achieved the highest standards of performance for the preservation of the county’s natural resources through erosion and sediment control.

The winners of the awards “have not only maintained effective erosion and sediment controls but have gone above and beyond the minimum standards on a daily basis,” said Kevin Haile, Erosion & Sediment Control Program Manager for Loudoun County. “These organizations have strived to make environmental protection a priority during the development of their sites and have overcome sensitive environmental site conditions with innovative design and effective construction techniques.”

The winners of the 2010 Loudoun County Environmental Preservation Awards were:

  • Mike Brown of B & S Site Development, Inc. for his individual efforts to coordinate his company’s erosion and sediment control activities on the site of the Arcola School construction project.

  • Loudoun County Public Schools for “serious dedication” to protecting environmental features during construction of Tuscarora High School, and for bringing together the partners needed to design, engineer and construct the school in an environmentally sensitive area.

  • Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc., the site contractor for the Tuscarora High School project, for a commitment to providing the highest standards of erosion and sediment control and for support of field staff in this pursuit.

  • Michael Stancher and Shannon Jays, site superintendents for Howard Shockey & Sons on the Tuscarora High School project, for supervising erosion and sediment controls on a daily basis.

  • Keith Gardener, Superintendent for Perry Engineering Co., Inc. for ensuring daily maintenance of the erosion and sediment controls at the Tuscarora High School site.

In addition, Chris Kinnaird of the Department of Building & Development was recognized as the Erosion and Sediment Control Engineering Technician of the Year.

More details about the award-winning projects are included in Haile's remarks made during the award ceremony, which are online along with the accompanying presentation:

Environmental Preservation Award recipients must have met and exceeded all of the requirements of the Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook, the Loudoun County Facilities Standards Manual and Chapter 1220 of the Codified Ordinances.

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