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2 1/2-Year-Old Licensed Preschool
 two year old photo

Two-year-olds are naturally busy and curious. Their preschool mornings are filled with playground fun, music, art, language and communication development. Providing access to developmentally appropriate learning centers encourages children to explore their world in a safe surrounding. 

Throughout the year, socialization skills (e.g.,  sharing, cooperating, problem-solving and collaborative play) are highlighted as toddlers learn to explore communal roles and rules. See a list of centers for preschool for 2 1/2-year-olds.

Two-Year-Old Curriculum

The curriculum for this age group focuses on the development of social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills including the following:

Social-Emotional Development

  • Self-confidence
  • Positive attitude about themselves and others
  • Positive interaction with others
  • Work well independently and in small groups

    Cognitive Development

    • Use all of the senses to explore their immediate environment
    • Expand verbal communication skills
    • Develop a sense of confidence and curiosity in their immediate world
    • Develop thinking and problem solving skills

    Physical Development

    • Develop fine and gross motor skills
    • Explore good health and nutrition


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