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Sister County: Main-Taunus-Kreis
Sister County Partnership   Sister County Coat of Arms
Loudoun County has a partnership with the German County of Main-Taunus-Kreis, which lies within the greater Frankfurt metropolitan region.

Main-Taunus Kreis; Business Development 

Main-Taunus-Kreis: A Bird's Eye View

Loudoun and Main-Taunus-Kreis share striking similarities, including:
  • A geographic location near a major international city
  • Excellent schools
  • Governments focused on providing the best services possible for citizens and business communities
  • Robust economies and attractive conditions for business developments
  • Towns with a commitment to preserving and integrating their many historic treasures with 21st century development

Sister County Relationship  Main-Taunus-Kreis Students
The sister county relationship involves mutually beneficial cooperation and exchanges in key areas of business, culture, history, and education, including a government career exploration for Germany Gymnasium or college-preparatory school pupils.

These visitors come to Loudoun County to work with various departments or in local businesses and nonprofit organizations for a two-week period. Pictured, at right, are members of the first group of students from Germany to participate in the program.

Read about the geography of Main-Tanus-Kreis.

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