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Land Development Customer Service Counter/File Room
What are the hours of the Land Development Customer Service Counter?
Located on the 2nd Floor of the Government Center in Leesburg. The Land Development Counter is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Drop-offs until 5 pm) Monday through Friday.

What kind of information can I get at the Land Development Customer Service Counter?
If you have questions about development, or what zoning will support a business the Land Development Customer Service Counter can help. Land Development Customer Service Counter can provide information about zoning (setbacks, uses allowed, etc.), future development, deeds, proffers, etc. on properties. Land Development Customer Service Counter is also where you can look at land development project files such as plats, construction plans and profiles, rezoning plans, etc.

Where can I get a plat?
Subdivision plats reviewed and approved by Loudoun County can be obtained at the 2nd Floor Land Development Counter in the Government Center in Leesburg and at the Clerk of the Courts once the plat has been recorded. Please be aware that subdivision plats are a “shot in time”. They do not show all easements, encumbrances, or utilities. There are restrictions and other encumbrances that are recorded outside of Loudoun County’s review. Loudoun County does not keep records of house location surveys.

How can I find out about what’s going on around me?
The Department of Planning webpage contains a link to the Loudoun Online Land Applications (LOLA) that provides information on new rezoning (ZMAP) applications and Subdivision Review Division’s new preliminary (SBPL) applications. More specific information can be obtained by calling Loudoun County’s hotline 703-777-0118. Please have an address, tax map number, or Parcel Identification Number (PIN) to help identify the area you want more information about. The local papers also list advertisements for legislative applications that are reviewed by the Department of Planning and preliminary subdivision applications reviewed by the Subdivision Review Division. Signs are posted on the properties subject to the application listed in the paper. The application number and the proposed action is also listed on the sign. Citizens can find out more information at Building and Developments Land Development Counter on the second floor of the Government Center in Leesburg with the information provided on the sign or from the LOLA webpage.

What if my property is in the town or adjacent to a town?
Properties within a town abide by the Town regulations. The Towns of Hamilton, Middleburg, and Purcellville also have subdivision control outside of the corporate limits (although these properties are subject to County Zoning requirements). Land development applications that are within the subdivision control areas of Hamilton, Middleburg, and Purcellville must be submitted and approved by the Town. If you live outside of one of these 3 towns and are unsure of the requirements, please contact Building and Development at 703-777-0220 or email.

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