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Homebuyer Information Guide: Zoning and Use of Land

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Homebuyer Information Guide
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Zoning in Loudoun County

Loudoun County has a Zoning Ordinance, which implements the county's Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan guides and regulates the orderly growth, development and redevelopment of Loudoun County. The Zoning Ordinance defines and implements land use and design standards such as permitted uses, lot sizes, setbacks, etc.

It is important to know what type of Zoning District your prospective property is located in. Zoning Districts designate allowed uses for the land, which may include lot sizes, building setbacks and other factors that may affect how you may use your land or what type of structures can be built. You can find information on allowed uses for your property in the section of the Zoning Ordinance that corresponds to your Zoning District.

The Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance does not apply to properties within the seven incorporated towns. Each town has its own Zoning Ordinance. Also, HOA covenants may place additional restrictions on possible uses.

The Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance is online and includes a "Read Me First" document, which will explain how to navigate through the ordinance. 

What can I do with my property?

What you can do on your property depends on many factors, including allowed uses in the zoning ordinance. Other factors that may affect what you can do with and on your property include: the size of your property, environmental features such as flood plain, mountainside overlay district, limestone overlay district, etc. The Loudoun County Online Mapping System shows the zoning layers down to the parcel level. 

If you are in a historic district, there may be additional regulations that may impact you. Private access easements, private conditions, covenants and restrictions can also affect what you can do on your property.  

Subdivision is allowable by right in many rural districts if you meet the requirements of the zoning district. Check with the Department of Building and Development for details.

If you know the address or pin number of a property, you can find detailed information about the property through the
Loudoun County Online Mapping System
and the
Loudoun County Real Estate Tax, Assessment & Parcel Database 
and the
            Loudoun Online Land Applications System.            

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