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Homebuyer Information Guide: Environmental Features
Environmental Features 

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Homebuyer Information Guide
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Building and Development
Natural Resources Questions:

Online Mapping System
Mapping Questions:

Information about the environmental features of your new home and property is available from several Loudoun County government agencies.

Soils, Drainage, Floodplain, Wetlands
The Natural Resources Team within the Department of Building and Development has information about the surface and subsurface soil and rock characteristics and properties present on a specific parcel, and whether those features will cause any problems for the intended use.  Information such as depth to rock, wetness, natural drainage, drainfield potential or vineyard potential, karst land formations (limestone) and shrink-swell clays is available.

The county can provide site-specific information and interpretation of soils, existing landscape features and associated problems. We can also provide information regarding structural stability and mitigation of soil/geologic-related problems as well as groundwater availability and surface and groundwater monitoring.

Maps and data about property, floodplains, soils, topography, zoning, streets,
addresses and other topics, including aerial photography, are available from the Loudoun County Office of Mapping and Geographic Information.


Loudoun County is home to numerous species – and not always where you would expect to see them.  Backyards in Leesburg have received visits from black bear and wild cats.  Deer, raccoon, and snakes have been seen in gardens in every corner of the county.  The Loudoun County Animal Control Division within the Department of Animal Services provides direct assistance in certain situations as well as information for how to handle other interactions with wildlife.  

If you know the address or pin number of a property, you can find detailed information about the property through the
Loudoun County Online Mapping System
and the
Loudoun County Real Estate Tax, Assessment & Parcel Database 
and the
            Loudoun Online Land Applications System.            

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