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Project Scope
The Route 28 Corridor Zoning Ordinance Update is a project that involves a number of steps that are expected to cover an approximately 16-month period. These steps are illustrated by the chart below followed by explanations:

scope of work chart

  • Zoning Discovery which is a process that includes: 1) analyzing existing county regulations for 
    applicability with Route 28 Corridor Plan policies, 2) identifying process and regulatory
    impediments (such as redundancy, overlapping regulations, and requirements that are not clearly
    and effectively stated) with the goal of  correcting these impediments through the zoning ordinance
    amendment process, and 3) confirming that the recommended implementation strategies are the
    most effective for implementing the adopted policies. From the zoning discovery process, a
    number of objectives will be identified and used to direct the development of specific regulatory

  • Draft amendments where the objective is to produce final draft amendments to the Revised 1993
    Zoning Ordinance with significant county staff, stakeholder, and  general public involvement. This
    step also continues the active participation of the stakeholders’ network cultivated during the plan
    amendment process, which included visioning workshops, forums, and one-on-one interviews.

  • Public Review and Adoption where the objective is the presentation of the final draft 
    amendments to the Revised 1993 Zoning Ordinance through the legislative review, approval and 
    adoption process.  Presentation of the draft amendments to the Board of Supervisors for
    legislative review and adoption is expected in the first quarter of 2013.

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