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Loudoun Targets Lyme
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In 2012, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - in recognition of the seriousness of Lyme disease - declared 2012 "Lyme Disease Awareness Year," created the Loudoun Lyme Disease Commission, and adopted a 10-point action plan to mitigate Lyme disease. Loudoun Targets Lyme is an outgrowth of this plan and involves Loudoun County government, businesses, non-profit organizations and citizens focused on reducing the impact of Lyme disease in our county.

The Loudoun Targets Lyme initiative was launched in April 2013 and will be providing information on steps you and your family can take to stay safe from Lyme disease here, on Facebook and at venues throughout the county.In August 2013, this effort was recognized by the Virginia Association of Counties as a model program.

You can help by liking the Loudoun Targets Lyme Facebook page, by downloading and sharing Lyme disease resources, by coming back here frequently for updates, and by stopping by at one of the many events this spring where the Loudoun Targets Lyme booth will be located.

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