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Sign up for alerts from Loudoun County's Alert Loudoun system and receive information from the Loudoun County government. Our alerts include emergency information, news releases, traffic information and more. Alert Loudoun can deliver important notifications to you through email, cell phone/smartphone, pagers, and other hand held devices. The link below will take you to a login page to register a new account or manage your existing account. Also below are frequently asked questions and answers that will help you manage your account.

Alert Loudoun is a free, self-subscribe/self-managed system. The questions and answers below will help you manage your account.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I reset my password?
A. To have your password sent to you, please go to: https://alert.loudoun.gov/sendpassword.php .

Q. How do I request a login ID?
A. To have your login ID sent to you, please go to: https://alert.loudoun.gov/sendusername.php.

Q. How do I adjust my alert subscriptions?
A. Follow these steps to adjust your alert subscriptions:
  1. Login to Alert Loudoun here: https://alert.loudoun.gov
  2. Click on the Devices tab.
  3. Click on the Edit/Delete link next to each registered device.
  4. Click on the Alert Types from the drop down list at the bottom.  Hold the CTRL key to select multiple alert types then click on the Update button.
  5. Click on the My Alert tab at the top.
  6. Click on the + sign next to each Alert Type (i.e., Sheriff), then adjust your subscriptions by clicking on the ‘add to group’ / ‘group member’ button next to each Alert Group (i.e., Virginia Amber Alert).
  7. Click Log Out at the top left.

Q. What if I have signed up for alerts and am not receiving them?
A. First, please verify that your email address and/or cell phone devices are listed correctly in the system and are enabled. Then: 
  • Verify that your devices are subscribed to the appropriate alert category (devices tab>edit link>review alert category subscriptions).  Use the CTRL key or click and drag to multi-select.
  • Please be sure you are subscribed to the appropriate group (my alerts tab>click ‘+’ to open the appropriate category>click ‘add to group’ to join).  Group subscription is required to receive alerts.
  • Send your devices a test alert (Home tab>’Send TESTALERT to all of your devices GO’). If test alert is received double check you setup. If any of your devices do not receive the test alert contact your email and/or cell phone provider.
  • Please double check your firewall and junk mail handling settings with your internet service provider.  Send a test message to yourself.  If alerts are still failing, you will need to contact your email and/or cell phone provider.

Q: When I request my password I get this message: “This user account is set up for external authentication.”
A: If you get this message, it means you signed up using your Google Account or Yahoo Account or OpenId Account. On the sign in screen, click the appropriate icon to sign in, then sign in with your Google Account or Yahoo Account or OpenId Account.

Q. How do I unsubscribe?
A. To unsubscribe from Alert Loudoun, login to the system and from the Home tab, click on the "Remove Account button."
Please note that if you remove your account rather than unsubscribe from a particular category, you will not receive emergency notifications from the Loudoun County government. 

Q. I never signed up for Alert Loudoun but am receiving text alerts on my cell phone.  How do I stop receiving these texts?
A. Reply to the Alert text message with the word “STOP.” This will notify the cell phone carrier of your desire to stop ALL alerts from Loudoun County.

Q. Delivery of messages to my phone is sporadic. What might be the cause of that?
A. Cell phone carriers and Internet Service Providers continually make changes to their networks.  Due to changes in the networks, delivery of text alerts to certain cell phones and email addresses is not always reliable.  Having different types of alert devices on your Alert Loudoun account can help mitigate this.

Q. I received an email stating my device was disabled. How can I enable it again?
A. After multiple failures to deliver alerts, a device can be disabled. To enable the device follow these steps.

  1. Sign into https://Alert.loudoun.gov.
  2. Select the “Devices” tab. Note the status column. On line of Disabled device click “Edit/Delete”.
  3. Verify device is showing ‘Add/Edit Device’ part of window. Verify that ‘Device status’ dropdown is showing “Enabled”. Click “Update” button.

Q. I am receiving voice alerts. Who is sending these?
A. The Alert Loudoun system is a text message/email alert system only.  It has no voice alert capabilities.  If you are receiving voice alerts they may be coming from the Loudoun County Public School voice alert system.  The administrators of that system will need to be contacted for support.  Please send an email to the LCPS Public Information Office at .  The administrators of Alert Loudoun are not responsible for LCPS voice alerts.

Q. I am receiving multiple weather alerts. What causes that?
A. In cases of extreme weather conditions, please be advised that if you are subscribed to the Regional and/or Weather Alert Categories in the Alert Loudoun system, you may receive multiple alerts from a single category in one day.  If you have multiple devices registered to receive alerts, you may want to adjust your alert subscriptions.  Weather alerts are frequently repeated by the National Weather Service and Alert Loudoun relays those messages to all weather alert subscribers.

Q. What causes my weather alerts to be truncated?
A. At this time, National Weather Service weather alerts are being truncated.  Our vendor is working to resolve the issue.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. I am a Verizon customer who opted out but would like to start receiving alerts again. How can I do that?
A.  Here are the ways that Verizon customers can again receive alerts: 
  • Text the word 'subscribe' back to a previous text alert that they did receive or,
  • Text the word ‘subscribe’ to Verizon code 777801710099 or,
  • Contact Verizon to have this alert code, 777801710099, reinstated on their phone device. 

Q. Can you restrict the time of day that you receive an alert?
A. No. Due to the nature of the alerts, there is no way to control when they are sent. 

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