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Pool Rules
Violation of any of these rules may subject the violator to be ejected from the facility. Rules and regulations may be changed, altered, or added without any notice and posted at the pool if the Manager feels that such will result in a safer pool operation. 

• Swimming is allowed only when a Round Hill Aquatics Center lifeguard is present.
• All patrons must follow directions from the lifeguards and staff.
• Age requirements: Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult (16+) who must be in the pool and within arm’s reach at all times. All children under 48 inches (1.21 meters) in height who are not capable of swimming 25 continuous yards must be accompanied by a supervising adult (16+) who must be in the pool and within arm’s reach at all times. Children 5-11 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult (16+) who must be in the pool area. Children 12+ may be in the pool without an adult.
• All patrons must shower with soap before entering the pool.
• Street shoes are not permitted in the pool area and must be stored along with all other bags in a locker. Only towels are permitted to be left on the pool deck.
• Patrons and guests are not permitted in the storage areas.
• Persons with any infectious disease, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes, diarrhea, any communicable disease, exposed sub-skin tissue or wearing a substantial bandage may not use the facility.
• Proper swim attire such as a lined swimsuit is required.
• Non-toilet trained children must wear tight plastic pants over their diaper or ‘swim diapers’.
• The only floatation devices allowed are US Coast Guard approved life jackets or floatation suits attached directly to the body. Arm floaties/ “water wings”, noodles, rafts, or other flotation devices are not permitted. Any child wearing a lifejacket must have an adult within arm’s reach at all times.
• Fins, snorkels, and kickboards are for use in the lap lanes only. Dive/snorkel masks are not permitted.
• Inflatable toys are not permitted.
• Lifeguard staff must approve items brought from home for pool use.
• Horseplay, dunking, pulling patrons under water, or extended breath holding games are prohibited. Foul language or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
• Diving, spin jumps, back jumps, or flips are prohibited. All jumps must be feet first.
• Running in the pool area is prohibited.
• Playing in, on, or around guard chairs or ladder rails is prohibited. The areas around the lifeguard chairs must remain clear at all times.
• Lifeguards and staff have the final say in determining if behavior is unsafe or disruptive. All such behaviors must end.
• Food, gum, tobacco, or glass are prohibited in the pool area. Water bottles must be plastic and have tops to prevent spills.
• Weaker swimmers must stay in shallow water.
• Swimming lesson, and aquatic exercise equipment are for use during aquatics programs only. Kickboards and pull buoys may be borrowed by lap swimmers only.
• Photography is not permitted.
• Certain lanes or sections of the pool may be closed to the public at predetermined times or as deemed necessary for classes, rentals, or health and safety reasons.
• Swimming in lap lanes is restricted to lap swimming. Circle swimming is required. Lanes are not for individual use.
• Only staff members may move or tighten lap lane lines. Swimming underneath the lines is prohibited. 

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