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Curbside Recycling Guidelines
Photo of curbside recycling binService Providers 
Curbside recycling service in Loudoun County is offered by the incorporated towns, home owner associations, residential and commercial property management offices, or by direct subscription with local waste collection service providers.

Items Accepted for Curbside Recycling 
“Typical recyclable items” that are accepted through curbside service include cardboard, paper, office paper, magazines, mail, newspaper, cereal boxes, etc, plastic bottles, plastic jars, and plastic tubs/cups, aluminum cans, foil, and disposable pans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars, and container lids.  Check with your service provider for a complete list of what is accepted for recycling.  

Contents should be emptied from bottles, cans and jars, and any rinsing should be minimized to conserve water.  Minor residuals of food or detergent is okay.

Items Not Accepted for Curbside Recycling
Plastic bags of any type are not accepted for curbside recycling because they cause equipment jamming issues at recycling sorting facilities, which also includes any plastic bags used for carrying out the recyclables.  Recyclables should be placed loosely in recycling bins, without the bag, and the recycling bin should be covered to prevent litter.  Plastic grocery bags should be returned to grocery stores for recycling. Visit www.loudoun.gov/recycle for a list of other types of plastic bags also accepted through grocery store bag recycling programs.

Other items that should not be placed in the recycling bin include any type of Styrofoam, food waste other than minor residuals in food and beverage containers, light bulbs, batteries, electronics, toys, any type of glass other than bottles and jars, plastic wrap, string or twine, tape, plastic serving utensils or straws, paper plates, paper cups, pizza box bottoms (or any paper that has been contaminated with food or grease), screws and nails, motor oil bottles and other automotive fluid bottles, pesticide and herbicide containers, other hazardous chemical bottles, medical wastes and syringes, or any other items that are not listed above among the “Items Accepted for Curbside Recycling” section.  Just because an item is plastic, metal or glass does not mean it is accepted through your curbside recycling service.

Recycling Bins
Curbside recycling bins are provided by the service provider or agency that is responsible for ensuring service.  Recycling bins are also available for purchase at local home improvement stores and on-line.  

Curbside recycling bins should be covered with a lid or other means to prevent litter.

Grass clippings, leaves, and twigs should not be set out in plastic bags, only use paper bags designed for yard waste or a reusable container. 

More Information
  • Recycling information for scrap metal items, household batteries, light bulbs, electronics, motor oil, other automotive fluids, and car batteries is available at www.loudoun.gov/recycle
  • Disposal information for garbage, latex paint, construction materials, plate glass, and other types of trash is available at www.loudoun.gov/landfill.  
  • Disposal information for hazardous materials and substances and medical wastes is available at www.loudoun.gov/hhw

More information also is available by calling the Waste Management Division of the Loudoun County Department of General Services at 703-771-5500.

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