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Lost & Found Pets
Reporting a Lost Pet
The Loudoun County Animal Shelter maintains a directory of lost and found pets to assist in reuniting pets with their owners. Shelter staff will cross-reference lost and found reports and check the animals currently housed at the shelter. You may report a lost or found pet in person, or by calling 703-777-0406 or 540-882-3211.

Pet Description
Please be prepared to provide a good description and/or photograph of the pet. A good description includes:
  • Age
  • Breed or breeds
  • Coat and tail length
  • Collar worn?
  • Color or colors
  • Ear size and type
  • Gender
  • Location where lost or found
  • Size and weight
  • Unique markings

Stray Animals
Use the links below to see stray animals that are currently in the Animal Shelter. Please note that these animals are still in their stray waiting period and may not be available for adoption.

Reclaim a Lost Pet
Virginia State law requires proof of ownership to reclaim a pet from the animal shelter. A current rabies vaccination certificate, a Loudoun County dog license, veterinarian records or even a photograph will suffice. Owners must also bring personal identification. If another person reclaims a pet for the actual owner, the owner must send written permission with the individual so that we may release the pet to that person. Each time a dog or cat is returned to its owner, we must also verify proof of a current rabies vaccination and dog owners must also present a current Loudoun County dog license.

Fees for reclaiming a pet may apply depending on how long the animal has been at the animal shelter and whether it was brought to the shelter by an Animal Control Officer or a resident. Board is accrued at a daily rate ranging from $5 to $30. If an Animal Control Officer brings your pet to the shelter, there will be a $35 fee for the first pick-up and a $75 fee for each subsequent pick-up.

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