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Animal Services
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Contact Us

39820 Charles Town Pike
Mailstop #66
Waterford, VA 20197

Ph: 703-777-0406

Fx: 540-882-3984


Hours of Operation
Did you know that you can place an animal complaint online?

Loudoun County Animal Services strives to deliver accessible, convenient service to the Loudoun community.  You may submit an online complaint for the following call types by clicking here

  • Feces Removal – reports of citizen not removing pet waste from any property (other than his own) in, or adjacent to any residential subdivision.
  • Dog running at large (non-current) – reports of dog roaming off leash, with or without its owner.  
  • Stray aggressive animal (non-current) – report of an at large animal acting aggressively.
  • Welfare Concerns – report of concern for the welfare of animal in non-life threatening condition.
  • Dog Bite – report of a dog bite, owner of the dog is known.
  • Cat Bite – report of a cat bite, owner of the cat is known.
  • Nuisance domestic animal – report of an animal that is causing a non-current traffic hazard, or an animal that has trespassed onto personal property and caused property damage, or attacked a companion animal other than a dog or cat and caused injury.

*Please note that there are some complaint types which cannot be received online due to their urgent and time sensitive nature; those include complaints involving emergency animal welfare issues, sick or injured wildlife, wild exposures, current stray aggressive complaints and barking dogs 

As always, our dispatchers can be reached at 703-777-0406 and remain available during business hours to receive those complaint types and to answer any questions you may have.   For emergency complaints after hours, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at 703-777-1021.

Find LCAS on Social Media
Keep up to date with LCAS news, events, and adoptable animals on our social media pages. You can Like LCAS on Facebook, follow LCAS on Twitter, or subscribe on YouTube.

Outreach Program
Animal Services has an active community outreach program, including volunteer opportunities, a foster program, humane education programs for schools and youth groups, and special events. 

Come Visit Meow Town!
LCAS has created a space for adoptable cats who get along with one another to live together outside of their cages. This space is in the cat adoption area of the shelter and is called "Meow Town." Check out the video below to get a tour and meet some of our current residents. To view profiles of all 
cats available for adoption at Loudoun County Animal Services, click here

Mission & Vision 

Through teamwork, dedication, and commitment to excellence, the Department of Animal Services will serve the community with distinction and honor, protect the public’s health and safety, and ensure the welfare of animals. 

The department operates the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, which provides for companion animals that have been surrendered by their owners or found stray in the county. The Animal Shelter also offers pets for adoption. 

The department's Animal Control Division enforces local and state animal laws and investigates reports of animal cruelty and vicious or destructive animals. The department also maintains a lost and found animal file, issues dog licenses, 
and assists citizens with a variety of animal issues.

Anyone with questions about the department or animal issues in general can contact us via email at  or by phone.
Connect With Us!
Facebook    link to facebook
link to YouTube

Connect With Us!
Facebook    link to facebook
link to YouTube

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