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Animal Services
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Tom Koenig
Director, Department of Animal Services

Contact Us

39820 Charles Town Pike
Mailstop #66
Waterford, VA 20197

Eastern Loudoun
Ph: 703-777-0406

Western Loudoun
Ph: 540-882-3211

Fx: 540-882-3984


Hours of Operation

Spring Brings Increased Sightings of Wildlife

Springtime means beautiful weather, blooming flowers, and wildlife! By taking precautions you can keep your family and pets safe while enjoying the beautiful wildlife we have here in Loudoun CountyClick here for more WILDLIFE information.

  • Vaccinate your pets against rabies and keep vaccinations up to date. Rabies vaccines are required by law for dogs and cats age 4 months or older.
  • Keep your distance from animals acting strangely whether they are wild, or, companion animals with an unknown owner. Report strange animal behavior or animal attacks to the Department of Animal Services 703-777-0406.
  • Prevent contact between pets and wildlife, especially at night. Walk pets on a leash and feed cats and dogs inside.
  • Eliminate possible sources of food for wildlife from your yard and keep trash can lids tightly closed.
  • Any animal bites to people or pets or sightings of animals suspected of having rabies should be reported to the Department of Animal Services 703-777-0406 or the Loudoun County Health Department by calling 703-777-0234. 

Foster Program Orientation Scheduled for April!

Loudoun County Animal Services is hosting a Foster Program Orientation at the end of April. Click here to learn more about how you can help save lives!

Mission & Vision

Through teamwork, dedication, and commitment to excellence, the Department of Animal Services will serve the community with distinction and honor, protect the public’s health and safety, and ensure the welfare of animals.

The department operates the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, which provides for companion animals that have been surrendered by their owners or found stray in the county. The Animal Shelter also offers pets for adoption.

The department's Animal Control Division enforces local and state animal laws and investigates reports of animal cruelty and vicious or destructive animals. The department also maintains a lost and found animal file, issues dog licenses, and assists citizens with a variety of animal issues.

Outreach Program

Animal Services has an active community outreach program, including volunteer opportunities, humane education programs for schools and youth groups, and special events.

Anyone with questions about the department or animal issues in general can contact us via email at  or by phone.

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