Virginia Cooperative Extension - Loudoun

Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), Loudoun County provides research-based educational programs for Loudoun residents. These programs promote healthy living, improving our food systems, youth development, and taking care of the environment.

This education includes:

  • Improving Our Food System 
  • Teaching Life Skills and Reducing Youth Depression
  • Helping Health and Well-Being of Low-Income Families
  • Increasing Sustainability of Agricultural Operations
  • Promoting Environmental Conservation and Care
  1. VCE Loudoun 4-H Receives Grant for Shooting Education Program

    VCE Loudoun 4-H has received a $4,300 grant from the NRA Foundation to support their 4-H Shooting Education Program, which stresses gun safety, form, accuracy, self-discipline and proper sporting usage of target firearms. Read on...
  2. VCE Loudoun Presents: Blue Ridge Intro to Whole Farm Planning

    Interested in farming, but don't know where to start? VCE Loudoun is offering a free Blue Ridge Intro to Whole Farm Planning (BRIWFP) course to introduce beginning and exploring farmers to the whole farm planning process. Read on...
  3. VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners Present: The Right Tree for the Right Place

    Choosing a tree is a long-term investment in a landscape, and one of the most ecologically significant choices one can make either in the home garden or in an ecological restoration project. Learn how you can make an informed choice for your next tree! Read on...
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