Virginia Cooperative Extension - Loudoun

Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Loudoun provides research-based educational programs for Loudoun County residents. These programs promote healthy living, improving our food systems, youth development, and taking care of the environment.

This education includes:

  • Improving Our Food System 
  • Teaching Life Skills and Reducing Youth Depression
  • Helping Health and Well-Being of Low-Income Families
  • Increasing Sustainability of Agricultural Operations
  • Promoting Environmental Conservation and Care
  1. VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners Present: Perfect Performance for Native Plants

    VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners are kicking off this year's virtual lecture series with a focus on native plants. Learn how you can strategically manage your native perennials using four different techniques. Read on...
  2. Loudoun Farmers Eligible for Federal Emergency Drought Aid

    The assistance includes emergency loans from the Farm Service Agency. More...
  3. VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners Present: Companion Planting, the Beauty and the Bullies

    Ever wonder why some plants grow well together, and some plants don’t? Learn about companion planting with VCE Loudoun Master Gardeners. Read on...
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