Current General Plan & Amendments

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Bolen Park Stadium 

The Board of Supervisors approved the Bolen Park Stadium Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM-2018-0001) at the Board's public hearing Wednesday, September 12, 2018. The staff report is posted below and a summary of the Board's action (copy teste) will be posted once finalized.

The Loudoun Online Land Applications System (LOLA) provides a user-friendly tool to access information regarding legislative land development applications. Additional documents related to Bolen Park Stadium are located on LOLA: click on searchable list and enter application number CPAM-2018-0001. 

Current Revised General Plan 

The county's Comprehensive Plan consists of the Revised General Plan and Amendments, specific strategic plans and the Revised Countywide Transportation Plan. The goals of the Revised General Plan include promoting reasonable residential growth, alleviating future traffic congestion, promoting a diverse economy, protecting the rural economy, and preserving environmental and historical features. 

The Revised General Plan is a dynamic document and is revised and updated frequently.

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