Virginia Retirement System

Regular, 30 or more hour employees of Loudoun County are automatically enrolled in benefits under the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). VRS provides pension benefits as well as basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits. Additionally, employees are eligible to purchase optional life insurance for themselves as well as for their eligible dependents.

Membership is a condition of employment for eligible employees. All VRS-eligible employees are required to pay 5% of their salary to the Virginia Retirement System through payroll deduction. This contribution will be made automatically on a pre-tax salary reduction basis; exempt from state and federal tax withholding.

Retirement benefits are determined by age at retirement, average final compensation, years of service, type of retirement, and position classification.

Additional Benefits

  • Service Credit: Employees may purchase up to 48 months each of military, federal civil service, or other governmental service at the normal cost rate of current annual creditable compensation. Employees have 12 months to enter into a contract agreement to purchase prior service.
  • Group Term Basic Life Insurance: Eligible employees are automatically covered for life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage equal to two times the annual salary each. This coverage is provided at no cost.
  • Optional Group Term Life Insurance: Eligible employees also may purchase optional group term life and AD&D coverage. Coverage is available in increments of one times the annual salary, up to a maximum of eight times the annual salary. Coverage is also available for eligible dependents.

Learn more on the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) website.