VICAP Medicare Counseling Program

About the Program

The VICAP (Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program) Medicare Counseling Program is a part of a national network of programs that offer free, unbiased, confidential counseling and assistance for Medicare beneficiaries.


VICAP Program Changes Related to COVID-19.


Counseling topics include:

  • Medicare enrollment and coverage
  • Medicare Part D prescription insurance
  • Medigap insurance (supplemental insurance)
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Financial Assistance Programs

VICAP counselors are not licensed to sell insurance.

VICAP counselors can help all Medicare beneficiaries, including those with disabilities and younger than 65, explore options that best fit their needs. Working collaboratively with the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP), VICAP counselors will help educate and empower beneficiaries to take an active role in detecting and preventing health care fraud and abuse.

VICAP counselors can help all Medicare beneficiaries compare and understand their prescription insurance options when first enrolling in Medicare, when moving or retiring from work, and during the Annual Enrollment Period every year between October 15 and December 7. For assistance please submit a completed Part D worksheet.

Obtaining Medicare Part D

Options for obtaining a Medicare Part D Worksheet:

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