Zoning Requirements

Although all building permits are issued through Building and Development, zoning permits are issued either by the county or by incorporated towns. If the property is located within the corporate limits of a town, contact the appropriate town zoning office for requirements before applying for any building permit.


If the property is outside of town limits, Loudoun County zoning approval is required for new construction, additions, and changes of use or tenant. With the application, submit:

  • A survey plat showing property lines
  • All existing structures and all proposed structures, with dimensions and square footage
  • Distances from the property lines for all existing and proposed structures
  • Locations and dimensions of all easements, buffers and tree save areas
  • All roads adjacent to the property

The property owner's signature is required on all zoning applications.

Zoning Permits

Zoning permits for commercial construction should also include a breakdown of square footage with description of use, site plan or site plan amendment number, and suite number where applicable. Applicants applying to occupy commercial tenant space should provide a brief description of their business use on company letterhead as an attachment to their zoning permit application.

A zoning permit only (no building permit) is required for buildings for:

  • Agricultural use
  • Construction trailers
  • Temporary sales
  • Temporary events
  • Tents

Health Department clearance may also be required.

Historic District

For properties located within a historic district, applicants must apply for and receive a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Planning Department before any permits can be issued.


Note: It is the applicant's responsibility to check with the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information, Department of Building and Development, and any other county departments or agencies to determine if there are any building restrictions on proposed building lot prior to applying for permits.