Animal Bites / Rabies

Report Incidents

All animal bites to people and any animals suspected of having rabies should be reported to the Loudoun County Health Department by calling 703-777-0234 or the Department of Animal Services by calling 703-777-0406 or visiting the Animal Shelter at:
39820 Charles Town Pike
Waterford, VA 20197

The Form to Report Animal Bites (PDF) is also available online. Information on preventing and responding to a snake bite is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For after hours reporting / weekends, or holidays, please call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number of 703-777-1021.

Rabies Vaccinations

The Health Department is responsible for confining domestic animals that bite people or expose them to rabies and for testing dead animals for rabies that have potentially exposed humans and/or their pets. Pre-exposure rabies vaccinations for humans who must be protected against rabies, such as veterinary staff, or who may potentially be exposed to rabies, are coordinated by the Health Department. Please contact Patient Care Services by calling 703-777-0236 for information concerning pre-exposure human rabies vaccinations.

People who believe they may have been exposed to rabies through a bite or non-bite contact with an animal should receive medical evaluation. Local emergency departments, such as those at Inova Loudoun or StoneSprings hospitals, can provide care and possible post-exposure rabies vaccination to people with potential animal exposures.

The Department of Animal Services urges all cat and dog owners to have their pets properly vaccinated in accordance with state and county codes. Find out more, specifically if you are interested in low cost vaccinations.

Also, access information about applying for an exemption from rabies vaccination requirements, including the vaccination application (PDF).

Rabies Information