Water & Hydrology


Learn more about water and hydrology in Loudoun County:

  • Floodplains - Floodplains, in addition to being important natural resource areas for water conveyance and wildlife, are regulated by the county to help protect life and property.
  • Stormwater - The quantity and quality of stormwater runoff in developed areas is controlled through design and construction of best management practices (BMPs) such as culverts, drainage swales, and stormwater ponds.
  • Water Resources Monitoring - In 2001, the county began developing a long-term program to monitor water resources in the county including precipitation, stream flow, groundwater levels, and water quality.
  • Watersheds - Watersheds are a logical and effective planning and management unit for water resources. A strategic approach was developed and specific recommendations made for a countywide watershed management plan.
  • Wetlands - Wetlands help store stormwater runoff and improve water quality by filtering sediment, nutrients, metals, and other pollutants.

Current & Recent Conditions

The Loudoun County Water Resources Monitoring Program provides current and recent hydrological conditions in our area.

Water Resources Technical Advisory Committee

The Water Resources Technical Advisory Committee provides advice on water resource issues to the Board of Supervisors.