Data Analysis & Reports

Current & Recent Conditions

Some water resources monitoring data are updated and available on either a "real time" basis or at relatively short time intervals. These data are presented with historical data from the same site to compare the current conditions to normal and extreme conditions. View current and recent hydrologic conditions.

Water Resources Annual Reports

Staff from the Water Resources Team in the Department of Building and Development prepare annual water resources monitoring data summary reports on conditions during the calendar year. The most recent report is for 2022.

Preliminary Data Analysis

Water resources data are compiled and analyzed by county staff to help address questions related to various types of issues including land development application reviews, regulatory policies, environmental quality, and other water-related concerns. A baseline analysis of the available data was conducted in 2007 and 2008 by county staff and an independent consulting firm.

  1. Introduction (PDF)
  2. Precipitation (PDF)
  3. Stream Discharge (PDF)
  4. Stream Water Quality (PDF)
  5. Wells and Groundwater Quantity (PDF)
  6. Groundwater Quality (PDF)
  7. On-site Water Disposal (PDF)
  8. Preliminary Information (PDF)
  9. Water Resource Data Summary (PDF)

Watershed Planning Report

An analysis and evaluation of water resource conditions by the engineering and consulting firm CH2M Hill, Inc. is summarized in Appendix A of the consultant's 2008 Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (PDF) report for Loudoun County.