GeoHub & Other Online Resources


GeoHub launched in 2018 as a central website that features  project-specific interactive map applications, informative dashboards, and topical Story Maps.  As an open data platform, it is easy for users to share, view, download, or map spatial data on the fly.  

It features mapping services and spatial data related to public safety, business support, natural resources, transportation, and current Loudoun government initiatives and programs.

Map Gallery

The online map gallery enables users to view or download image files of maps published by county departments.  Large format prints of any map in the gallery can be plotted by our office for purchase.


WebLogis Online Mapping System

  • WebLogis is an interactive mapping system that allows users to explore the county’s GIS data layers.  
  • Users can map the features of specific properties and their nearby areas, such as buildings, fire hydrants, and topography.  
  • Users can also map information about larger regions of the county, such as election districts, watersheds, and zoning.  
  • The datasets are owned and maintained by various county agencies, and are updated on differing schedules.  Information about each layer can be found in the “Tools” tab under “Metadata.”  
  • Address Points, Parcel Boundaries, and Road Centerline (under the LandRecords category) are updated daily and reflect the information from the previous business day.

Click the tabs below to see instructions for the most commonly used WebLogis features

  1. Turn Imagery On/Off
  2. Search by Address
  3. See a Property's Tax Info

To turn the imagery layers on and off:

  1. Check the box next to a category in the "Contents" tab
  2. Click the + to see the imagery options in that category
  3. Check the box next to any feature in the list that you would like to see on the map
    Note: You may need to zoom in on the map to make the imagery visible

For example:

  1. Check the box next to "Environmental"
  2. Click the + to see the imagery options in the "Environmental" category
  3. Check the box next to "Topography 4ft" to see the topographic lines
    Note: Zoom in until the scale on the upper left of the map is at least 1:16000 to make the lines visible