Register to Vote or Update Registration

When Can You Register or Update Your Information? 

You may register and update your information at any time, but the application or notice of your updated information must be received or postmarked no later than 22 days before every election. Voters may register through Election Day, and vote using a provisional ballot.

How Can You Register or Update Your Information? 

There are several ways to register or update your voter registration information:

  • Online: Virginia Department of Elections - when prompted choose Loudoun County as your locality.
  • Print, fill out, and mail a paper Voter Registration Application (PDF) to the Office of Elections, 750 Miller Drive SE, Suite 150, Leesburg, VA 20175. 
  • Register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Voters may also update their voter information with the DMV when changing addresses or names. 

Check your Voter Registration Information

Click to check your current voter registration information including your personal info, where you vote, upcoming election information, etc.

Transferring to Loudoun County?

If you are transferring to Loudoun County from another locality in Virginia, the quickest way to change your information is to submit your update using the online voter registration system.  Once there, click 'Check Your Status' and follow the prompts to update your information to your new residence address.

You may also submit an original document by filling out a Virginia Voter Registration Application. Mailing your completed original application to the Loudoun County Voter Registration Office, 750 Miller Drive SE, Suite 150, Leesburg, VA 20175 will start the change. Please call us at 703-777-0380 if you would like to have an application mailed to you.

Previous Voter Card

If you have your previous voter card, a small form is printed on the other side of your card. This form is used to process your new address and/or name. The completed signed card should be mailed to Loudoun County Voter Registration at the Miller Drive office listed above.

You may also call the office to get a Virginia Voter Registration Application at 703-777-0380. This may be completed and returned by mail to the Voter Registration office at the Miller Drive address above.

If you wish to submit a letter, the following information is required to change your registration:

  • Full legal name (if this is a change of name, include old and new name). Please see the note below.
  • New residence address, including apartment, unit, or suite numbers
  • Birthdate or last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Previous registration address
  • Your signature and the date

Receipt of New Voter Card

Receipt of a new voter card is the indication that your change was processed. If a new card does not arrive within two to four weeks (this may take longer if you submit changes close to the deadline before an election), please call us at 703-777-0380 to confirm that your notice was received.

Same Day Registration

Same Day Registration refers to the ability to register to vote in-person and immediately vote a provisional ballot after the deadline to register and vote a non-provisional ballot has passed.  For more information visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.


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