Protective Orders

About Protective Orders

A protective order is a court order that tells the person who has hurt you or has threatened to hurt you to stop. It can also tell that person not to contact you and your family or household members. The order can also tell the abusive person not to go where you live or work.

There is no fee for filing a family abuse protective order. Protective Order information specific to Loudoun County (PDF)

Emergency Protective Order

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. A law enforcement officer can assist you with obtaining an emergency protective order.

Online Protective Orders Form Assistance

I-CAN! Virginia is a free online program that provides assistance with the preparation of court forms required to file for a protective order. I-CAN! Virginia is also available in Spanish. Begin your I-CAN! Virginia Session

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information was taken from the Virginia State Supreme Court website, from the section titled "Additional Filing Information for a Family Abuse Protective Order." More information can be found on that site, however some of the most commonly asked questions are listed below.