Lucketts Station 10

The Lucketts Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1960 with one fire truck and a two-bay firehouse. A few members of the community recognized the need to start a local fire company, and prior to the company’s establishment, a fire truck was purchased and kept at a local farm. Dispatch called the Chief’s home and his wife called local members by phone to tell them of an emergency. The fire truck was brought to the scene while members were en route. In 2021, the Lucketts Station 10 relocated from 42367 Lucketts Road to 42429 Lucketts Road.

The Lucketts Fire and Rescue Station is located at 42429 Lucketts Road on a 14-acre parcel immediately adjacent to the old Lucketts Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station, which was built in 1960. The 18,000 square foot facility houses an Engine, Ambulance and Tanker that are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Lucketts Station is also home to the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Swiftwater Rescue Team. 

The Lucketts Fire and Rescue Station features a one-story design. Programmatic elements have been organized and configured to provide staff with a modern, safe, and functional facility that will allow for quick emergency response. The station includes four pull-through apparatus bays, seven two-person bunk rooms, a training room, restrooms, showers, kitchen and dining areas, supply storage, gear storage area, fitness room, offices, and a repair shop.

Contact Information

Lucketts Fire and Rescue, Company 10

42429 Lucketts Road
Lucketts, VA 20176

Phone: 571-258-3710

Lucketts Volunteer Fire Company 

Lucketts Fire Station 10

Lucketts Fire and Rescue Station 10