Sex Offender Program

About the Program

This program consists of juveniles who have been adjudicated delinquent for a variety of sexual related offenses. The population primarily consists of non-violent offenders. The program is designed to utilize several treatment components to include offender group and individual treatment, in-home services and family therapy and education. These treatment components, in conjunction with intensive probation supervision, provide an effective alternative to residential placement for the non-violent juvenile sex offender.

The Juvenile Sex Offender Program currently contracts out the program's treatment component. The offenders are initially evaluated by the Loudoun County Division of Mental Health or a contractor and the Juvenile Court Service Unit (JCSU) to determine appropriateness for the program. The offender is then oriented to the 10 treatment steps of sex offender treatment. The family is educated on such topics as providing safety for their child and the community while assisting their child with the child's goals for treatment which are to eliminate future sexually abusive behavior.

The Juvenile Sex Offender Program is a successful diversion for cases that may have previously been placed in residential treatment. The average cost for housing and treatment for a juvenile sex offender often exceeds $12,000 per month. The length of stay in a residential facility is typically between eighteen months and three years.

More Information

For more information, contact the Juvenile Court Service Unit at 703-777-0303.