Algonkian District

Polling Locations

On the following list, you may click on the precinct name and number on the left side of the page for a map in a PDF format of the precinct, showing the location of the polling place. You can click on the address to go to a Google map for directions.

Number & Name
Polling Place
207 - River Bend
River Bend Middle School
46240 Algonkian Parkway
208 - Algonkian
Algonkian Elementary School
20196 Carter Court
209 - Potomac Falls
Potomac Falls High School
46400 Algonkian Parkway
210 - Cascades
Potowmack Elementary School
46465 Esterbrook Circle
213 - Countryside
Countryside Elementary School
20624 Countryside Boulevard
214 - Sugarland North
Horizon Elementary School
46665 Broadmore Drive
215 - Sugarland South
Meadowland Elementary School
729 Sugarland Run Drive
216 - Lowes Island
Lowes Island Elementary School
20755 Whitewater Drive
217 - South Bank
Potomac Baptist Church
20747 Lowes Island Boulevard
218 - University Center
GWU Exploration Hall
20101 Academic Way
219 - Galilee Church
Galilee Methodist Church
45425 Winding Road