New Rider Information

Welcome to Loudoun County Transit (LC Transit), a public transportation service provided by the Loudoun County government. While passenger safety is our highest priority, LC Transit strives to provide all passengers a reliable and pleasant ride.

Passenger Rights

To board the bus in a safe and orderly manner:

  • Do not smoke in line, at a bus stop or on the bus.
  • Have your fare ready.
    • Commuter/Metro-Connection buses: Children 5 years old or younger may ride for free when accompanied by a paying adult.
    • Local Buses: Children 10 years old or younger ride for free.
  • Scheduled arrival and departure times are subject to traffic conditions.
  • Refrain from running after buses that are pulling away from a stop. Once the driver closes the door and pulled away from the stop, he/she will not open the door for late passengers.
People waiting at bus stop

To have a comfortable seat when one is available:

  • Seats are for passengers, not belongings. Carry-on items are permitted if placed in the overhead luggage compartments, beneath the seat in front of you or on your lap.
  • Give elderly, disabled and pregnant passengers first choice at priority seating in the front of each bus.
  • Be mindful of those seated behind you when reclining seats.

To have a quiet ride:

  • Use cell phones only when truly necessary and speak quietly.
  • Headphones are required for portable music and gaming devices.
  • Speak quietly when conversing with other passengers.

Bus etiquette is very important while riding on the bus. There are important guidelines and policies that every rider should be aware of when riding the bus. View the Rules and Regulations document (PDF).

Woman on bus