Boundary Line Adjustment & Easement Plats

What is a Boundary Line Adjustment Plat or Consolidation Plat?

  • A Boundary Line Adjustment or Consolidation Plat is a plat that adjusts the property lines of existing parcels to change the configuration of the lots or to consolidate existing lots. 
  • The Boundary Line Adjustment cannot create any additional lots but can end up with fewer lots.
  •  The Boundary Line Adjustment must meet all of the requirements of the applicable zoning ordinance, Chapter 8.103 and 8.103.2 of the Facilities Standards Manual (PDF), and §1242.02 and §1245 of the Land Subdivision and Development Ordinance.

What is an Easement Plat?

  • An easement plat is a plat that grants an interest to an adjacent landowner, the public, or a specific entity or person for a specific purpose. 
  • Some examples of typical easements reviewed by the Subdivision Land Division are access easements, public utilities easements, or other improvement like sight distance and temporary construction easements. 
  • The application is submitted with an accompanying deed and Land Development Application. 
  • The easement plat must meet all of the requirements of Chapter 8.103.6 of of the Facilities Standards Manual (PDF)
  • Not all easements are reviewed by the county. Easements between private property owners that are not created pursuant to a request for subdivision or site plan approval, or that do not grant rights to the county may be created outside of this process.
  •  If you are unsure, please email Department of Building and Development or call at 703-777-0220.