Disclosures of Real Parties in Interest & Reaffirmation

Pursuant to the 1993 Revised Zoning Ordinance (PDF), Section 6-403(A), with each application for Zoning Map Amendment, Zoning Concept Plan Amendment, Zoning Ordinance Modification, Special Exception or Variance, a completed Disclosure of Real Parties In Interest Affidavit("Disclosure") disclosing the equitable ownership of the real estate to be affected including, in the case of corporate ownership, the name of stockholders, officers and directors and in any case the names and addresses of all of the real parties of interest, is to be submitted. Publicly traded corporations with more than 500 shareholders are not required to list the names of shareholders, directors or officers. In the case of condominium ownership, disclosure is required only for an owner, lessee or contract purchaser of more than 10% of the units.

Prior to a public hearing, the Disclosure must be reaffirmed ("Reaffirmation") in accordance with the reaffirmation procedures. The "Disclosure" and "Reaffirmation" forms shall not be altered or modified in any way. Any form that is altered or modified in any way will not be accepted.


Instructions for completing and submitting the Disclosures of Real Parties in Interest and the Reaffirmation are included in each form.