Conservation Easements in Loudoun County

There are over 75,000 acres of land protected by conservation easements in Loudoun County, as displayed in the interactive map below. 

A conservation easement is a land preservation agreement between a land owner and a governmental or nonprofit conservation organization.  It places permanent limits on the use or development of a property to protect conservation values of the land, including:

  • Ensuring availability for agricultural, forestal, recreational, or open-space use
  • Maintaining or enhancing air or water quality
  • Preserving historical, architectural, or archaeological aspects of the property
  • Protecting natural resources
  • Retaining or protecting natural or open-space values of the property

Conservation Easement Programs Managed by Loudoun County Government

Conservation Easement Assistance Program

The Conservation Easement Assistance Program is a grant program to assist land owners with the upfront costs of placing property under a conservation easement for which a land trust will be the holder.

Conservation Easement Stewardship Program

The Conservation Easement Stewardship Program assists owners of property under a conservation easement for which the Board of Supervisors is a holder or co-holder.

Interactive Map: Conservation Easements

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