Business Assistance Team: Building & Development Permits

The Loudoun County Department of Building and Development is a key member of the Loudoun County Business Assistance Team. The department offers a variety of services and information to businesses, including zoning information, the issuance of building permits for commercial construction, sign permits for business signage, and zoning permits.

Permitting and Land Development Counters

  • This office is often the first stop for customers looking for information about starting a business in Loudoun County. 
  • The staff at the front counters provide zoning information that helps prospective business owners find out what uses are allowed on their property.
  • Permitting and Land Development Counters
    Government Center
    1 Harrison Street SE, 2nd Floor
    Leesburg, VA 20175
    Phone: 703-777-0220
    Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Zoning Ordinance

Permitting and Land Development staff can answer questions about the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance, which defines and implements land use and design standards such as permitted uses. Loudoun County has multiple Zoning Ordinances and the front counter team can help determine which one applies to your property and intended use. The 1993 Revised Zoning Ordinance includes a "Read Me First" document, which will explain how to navigate through the ordinance.

The Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance does not apply to properties within the seven incorporated towns. Each town has its own Zoning Ordinance. Also, homeowners association (HOA) covenants may place additional restrictions on possible uses for home-based businesses.

Zoning Permits

Although all building permits in Loudoun are issued through the county's Department of Building and Development, zoning permits are issued either by the county or by one of the county's incorporated towns, if applicable. Find more information on what you need to know about zoning permits for your business . If you are interested in having a child care business in your home, specific information for that type of use is also online:

Commercial Construction Permits

Before beginning commercial construction in Loudoun County, you must obtain permits from the appropriate county agencies and, if applicable, the appropriate agencies of the incorporated towns. More information about what you need to know to obtain a construction permit is online.

Commercial Construction Permit Contact Information

Melissa Brown, Customer Services Supervisor
Phone: 703-777-0220
Email Melissa Brown

Sign Permits

The Department of Building and Development issues sign permits for business signage. More information about what you need to know to obtain a sign permit is online.