Income & Expense Surveys

Due to the potential negative impact of COVID-19 on commercial property values, owners are requested to provide supplemental 2020 income and expense data so that the commercial appraisal team may consider any impairment resulting from the current economic conditions prior to establishing January 1, 2021 values.  Although there are two months remaining in the calendar year, please annualize the survey data in order to provide a complete accounting of 2020.

Supplemental survey information is kept confidential in accordance with Code of Virginia § 58.1-3.  

Supplemental surveys should be returned by December 15, 2020.

Although they are dated 2019, the surveys below should be used for the supplemental 2020 information.

Downloading the Form

The Income and Expense Survey is a fillable Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) form and will calculate totals based on information entered. To use the form, open and save to your desktop prior to entering the data. Once the data has been entered please email the form back. 

Property Owners Responsibilities

We also encourage all property owners to review our current record of details of your property online. If you discover that our records are inaccurate, please contact our office at 703-777-0260. While your assistance is voluntary, it helps us maintain accurate information about your property and fosters correct real estate assessments.