Accessible Bus Service

All Loudoun County Transit buses are equipped with a lift or a ramp to assist passengers. Buses also have areas where a wheelchair can be secured. In addition to fixed-route bus services, Loudoun County Transit and our partners provide the following accessible bus service options: 

  • Paratransit Bus Service - Door-to-door accessible transit service that picks up from and drops off to locations within the paratransit service area. Paratransit buses operate during the same days and hours as fixed bus routes within Loudoun County. 
  • On-Demand Bus Service - Curb-to-curb accessible transit service in Western Loudoun County for disabled county residents.

Paratransit and On-Demand Bus Services

Paratransit and On-Demand (western Loudoun County only) bus services provide accessible transportation for residents who are unable to access fixed-route bus service because of their disability.

  • All residents requesting these services must be approved through an application process.
  • Eligible passengers must schedule their ride one day in advance.
  • Both Paratransit and On-Demand services are shared-ride services. Paratransit service is a door-to-door service and On-Demand services are curb-to-curb services. Passengers usually ride with others who are traveling in the same general direction, and drivers often stop to pick up or drop off other passengers on the route. Be sure to allow enough time for your trip!
  • On-Demand bus service, Purcellville Connector local bus service, and Paratransit service between Purcellville and Leesburg are operated privately by our partner Virginia Regional Transit, also known as VRT.

Select the Paratransit or On-Demand tab below to apply for service or to schedule a ride.

Paratransit Bus Service Map (Click to enlarge.)

Loudoun County Paratransit and Local Bus Service Map_6.22
  1. Paratransit
  2. On-Demand

Apply for Paratransit Service

Leesburg to Western Fairfax County - ADA Ride
To use Paratransit bus service from Leesburg to Western Fairfax County, you must apply for approval through the county’s contractor, ADA Ride. Riders approved by MetroAccess Paratransit are also approved for ADA Ride. 

Purcellville to Leesburg - VRT
To apply for Paratransit bus service from Purcellville to Leesburg, complete the following VRT online form:

Schedule a Ride

Once your application for Paratransit bus service has been approved, you may schedule a ride. 

  • Leesburg to Western Fairfax County (ADA Ride) - Call Loudoun County Transit at 571-258-3464 or download the LCT ADA app to your device for free to search, book and share the ride!
  • Purcellville to Leesburg (VRT) - Call VRT at 877-777-2708.