Trash Service Providers

View trash service providers/permitted collectors in Loudoun County (PDF). Under Chapter 1084 (PDF), solid waste disposal companies are divided into two groups: "Major" and "Minor."

Both major and minor permitted collectors are required under Chapter 1084 (PDF)  to display their business name and operable telephone number on both sides of the vehicle.

  1. Major Collectors
  2. Minor Collectors
  3. Solid Waste Collection Permits

Major Collectors

  • Operate 4 or more collection vehicles and/or collect 2,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year.
  • Required to provide recycling services for their residential and non-residential customers.
  • Must collect the following source-separated materials from their residential customers:
    • Cardboard and paperboard
    • Container glass
    • Metal and aluminum cans
    • Newspapers and magazines
    • Plastic beverage and detergent containers
    • Yard waste