Clean Waters Initiative: At Home

  1. Fertilizing Your Lawn
  2. Rain Barrels
  3. Rain Gardens
  4. Septic Systems
  • Lawn fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that help your grass and plants grow. 
  • When these nutrients are applied in excess, they can run-off or leach into nearby streams and rivers. 
  • Excess nutrients in streams and rivers can negatively impact aquatic life. 
  • Algae blooms resulting from excess nutrients block out sunlight and remove oxygen for other aquatic organisms and plants. 
  • Over fertilizing also impacts your wallet. Why use or pay for more nutrients than what you may need!

How You Can Help

You can avoid these impacts by testing your lawn to determine what type of nutrients you may need. Check your local hardware store for soil test kits. The Loudoun County Master Gardeners can also help you assess your lawn through the Healthy Lawn Program. Master Gardeners will measure your yard, test your soil, and then send your lawn sample to Virginia Tech for analysis. Virginia Tech will determine how much lime or fertilizer you may need to support a healthy lawn.

There is a fee for this service.