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Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List

How do I apply?

Currently, the Loudoun County Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Waiting List is closed. Applications are only accepted while the HCV Program Waiting List is open. Prior to opening the waiting list, Loudoun County will provide public notice through publication in a local newspaper of general circulation and the Loudoun County website. When applications are accepted, the Loudoun County HCV Program will notify the public on the method to submit an application and will be described in the Loudoun County Department of Family Services Administrative Plan (PDF). If a submission method presents a hardship for a person due to a disability, a reasonable accommodation may be requested.

How can I verify I am on the waiting list? 

After you have successfully applied, you may check your application status online here. In order to maintain your status on the HCV Program Waiting List and to ensure staff can reach you if you are selected, you must update your profile with any changes to your household, such as:

  • a change of address
  • a change of email address or phone number
  • a change in preference status (Live or Work in Loudoun)

We suggest that you access your profile once every three months to verify your application status.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for any updates to be reflected in your profile. During the waiting list update process, you will temporarily not be able to access your profile.

Do not submit changes to your profile more than once a month. 

Where am I on the waiting list? 

The Loudoun County Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program cannot confirm your placement number on the HCV Program Waiting List. Reaching the top of the waiting list depends on a variety of things, including the date and time your application was received, the preferences that you indicated on your application, and available funding. Check your application status online.

How long will it take to receive a voucher? 

For families that qualify, the wait for a voucher may be several years. There are many families and individuals who have applied for housing assistance and are on the waiting list for the HCV program. We cannot predict when your name will reach the top of the waiting list.

Reaching the top of the waiting list depends on the availability of vouchers, when you applied for the program and any selection preferences you may have indicated on your application. When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted for an eligibility interview.

What if I move while I am on the waiting list?

If you move while you are on the waiting list, change your address online. Failure to provide your current contact information may result in your name being removed from the waiting list. 

Recent News

The Loudoun County HCV Program recently completed a waitlist update on December 23, 2019. Check your application status online.

Check this page regularly for HCV Waiting List updates.