Notary Services Provided at the Clerk’s Office


The Clerk’s Office will not be providing notary services until further notice due to COVID-19. Please contact your local bank for assistance with notary services during this time.

Who Should Be Present

All parties requesting to have their signatures notarized or to take an oath must appear, in person, before the notary public. All signees must bring a current photo ID and the complete document(s) to be notarized.


Employees of the Clerk’s Office may not serve as witnesses to the signing of any legal documents brought to the Clerk’s Office for notarization.

Note: If witnesses are required, it is recommended that signee(s) pre-arrange to meet witnesses of their choosing at the Clerk’s Office.

Notary Verification

If you are required to send a notarized document out-of-state, you may be required to attach a Verification of a Notary to the document. These can be obtained from our Public Services window for $2.50 each. Please note that we can only prepare verifications for notaries who qualified in Loudoun County.