Rabies Vaccination Exemption

Rabies Vaccination Exemptions

According to the Code of Virginia §3.2-6521, the Board of Health may grant an exemption to the rabies vaccination requirements if an animal suffers from an underlying medical condition that is likely to result in a life-threatening condition in response to vaccination and such exemption would not risk public health and safety.

Certification that a dog or cat is exempt from rabies vaccination may be presented in lieu of a rabies vaccination certificate for the purposes of licensing by the locality where the animal resides.

This certification of exemption from rabies vaccination shall be valid for one year, after which time the animal shall be vaccinated against rabies or the application for exemption shall be renewed.

Exemption Request

Each exemption request is reviewed on an individual basis, and the submitting veterinarian may be asked to provide additional information as needed.

Submit Information

After completion, the application, the rabies exemption form and all associated medical information must be submitted to the Loudoun County Health Department via email or mail to: 

Attn: Dr. David Goodfriend

Loudoun County Health Department
PO Box 7000, Leesburg, VA 20177

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