Water and Wastewater Program: Community Project Assistance


This program assists and supports communities experiencing issues with deficient or absent water and/or wastewater systems to help prevent and solve community water and wastewater issues by:

  • Administering a comprehensive program that funds and addresses multiple types of water and wastewater issues;
  • Focusing resources on communities that want assistance; and
  • Preventing communities from being bypassed in the central service area.

Application Process

Communities in need of assistance from Loudoun County with solving their water and wastewater problems are encouraged to apply. An application for consideration of community water and/or wastewater solutions must be completed and submitted during the open period which occurs annually from January 1 to March 31.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to submit an application:

  • There must be issues with water and/or wastewater within the community;
  • The community must identify at least two coordinators and submit only one application per community;
  • The application must contain the signatures of at least 60% of the total owners of occupied homes and other eligible structures within the community.
  • A map of the community must be provided. The map may be hand-drawn or copied from another source. It must have sufficient detail and be of sufficient quality to show the community boundary and the properties that comprise the community. Loudoun County's online mapping system may be helpful in obtaining a map of the community.

How To Apply

Step 1: Download and complete the application (PDF). The application can be printed or filled out electronically but signatures must be original for final submittal to the department. Carefully read the instruction pages.

Step 2: Assure the application is complete. The department suggests that you review the Prioritization Manual (PDF) that the application review committee will use to evaluate and prioritize applications.

Step 3: Assure the application is submitted during the county's open period. Late applications will not be accepted.

Applications must be received by March 31, 2023, and can be mailed or delivered to: 

Department of General Services/Scott Fincham
County of Loudoun
801 Sycolin Road, SE
P.O. 7100
Leesburg, VA 20177-7100

Electronic copies are accepted via email to Scott Fincham. If an application submitted electronically moves forward for consideration, the department will contact the coordinator to request that the original signed documents be provided at that time.

Applications received during the open period will first be assessed for eligibility. Applications that meet eligibility requirements will then be scored and evaluated based on health and safety factors and other relative weighting criteria described in the Water and Wastewater Needs Assessment Community Prioritization Manual (PDF).


If you have any questions about the eligibility requirements or would like more information about the program, email Scott Fincham or call him at 703-771-5520.