Real-Time Commuter Bus Status

Bus Time is a software program that provides real-time information for all of Loudoun County's commuter buses. This includes routes to and from Rosslyn, Crystal City, the Pentagon and Washington, D.C. It also includes routes to and from the Wiehle-Reston East and West Falls Church Metro stations.

Bus Time provides the estimated arrival time of each run to the specified stop, either in a tabular format or a map-based format. Route numbers noted in Bus Time are the same route numbers listed on the public schedule and displayed on the dashboard of the bus, e.g., 101, 203, 406, 503, etc. The system describes the morning routes as "Inbound" and the afternoon/evening routes as "outbound". View detailed information about the route descriptions in the Bus Time User Manual.

Directions for Using the Tabular Format

  1. From the Bus Time web page, select the "Estimated Arrival Times" box.
  2. Select the route Number, the direction and the stop. These choices are located at the top of the web page. All of the buses that are running the selected route will show up in order of estimated arrival/departure times at the selected stop.
  3. If you want to view all of the routes going through a particular stop as opposed to just your selected route, then check the box that says "Show All Vehicles For This Stop." The check box is located just below "Select Route." This is helpful for users of park and ride lots like the Dulles North Transit Center where several afternoon runs drop off at Dulles North and then proceed to other park and ride lots, i.e. Loudoun Station, Ashburn North, Brambleton, Dulles South and Leesburg, Using the current run 653 as an example, simply select '653' in the "Select Route" drop down menu. The direction will be pre-selected for you based on the route number. Then select the stop at which you plan to catch the bus, for example "14th St & F St.". Then select the "Show All Vehicles For This Stop" checkbox. The user will then see all of the buses approaching that stop on their screen. Please note that "checking" the checkbox shows all buses going through the stop, including those that aren't going to your park and ride lot.
Tabular Format

Directions for Using the Map-Based Format

  1. From the Bus Time web page, select the "Estimated Arrival Times" box.
  2. Select the Routes Box on the top right hand side of the web page and then select the route again, the direction and the stop.
  3. If you check the stops and vehicles boxes, then all of the stops for the selected routes and all of the vehicles that are running the selected routes will show on the map.
  4. Hovering over the route, stop or the bus will provide options for looking at the route and provide estimated arrival times of the next stop of the bus.
Map-Based Format

User Notes

  • The real-time information system will only show predicted times for buses that are scheduled to arrive at the selected stop within 30 minutes. Any bus that is due to arrive at the stop between 30 and 45 minutes will show the scheduled time, not the predicted arrival time. Buses scheduled to arrive after 45 minutes are not shown on the real-time information screen.
  • If you are looking at a particular bus stop and the predicted arrival time of the bus doesn't seem to be changing, it is likely that the bus is stopped for an incident (flat tire, accident, presidential motorcade, etc). If this happens, you should receive an LC Alert or SV Alert with information regarding the incident.
  • The "Sign In" and "Create Account" functions listed at the top of the main Bus Time web page are not fully functional at this time. You can create a sign-in but the alerts and text notification functions are not operational.

For More Information

For questions about the Bus Time system, call 703-771-5665, 877-465-2287 (877-GO-LCBUS) or email Ride Share.