Existing & Approved Development Mapping Tool

About the Online Mapping Tool

The Loudoun Existing and Approved Development (LEAD) map is an interactive mapping tool that provides access to information regarding:

  • Existing use of structures
  • Existing use of parcels
  • Location and existing number of housing units within residential projects that are completed and approved (not started or partially built)
  • The remaining residential development potential of approved projects (not started or partially built)
  • Location of completed and approved non-residential projects
Online Mapping Tool

The land use data for structures, parcels, and  projects are developed and maintained by the Department of Planning and Zoning. Data available in this tool currently reflect land use conditions as of July 1, 2017, with an update coming at the end of December 2019. Always refer to the As of Date with each layer to determine how current each one is, as all of the layers are not currently on the same update cycle. 

The data in the mapping system can be used for land use, capital facilities, and transportation planning purposes as well as fiscal, demographic, market analyses, and land use scenario planning.

Previous versions of this tool included the potential build-out of vacant or underdeveloped parcels. Those build-out scenarios were based upon the maximum number of residential units envisioned under the County’s previous Comprehensive Plan, the Revised General Plan. The 2019 Loudoun County General Plan (2019 GP) is much more flexible than the previous plan and allows a broader range of development density options. Therefore, the 2019 GP is not considered in terms of maximum potential build-out, and build-out is no longer included in this mapping tool.

Access the Tool

Access the Loudoun Existing and Approved Development Tool.

Companion Map: Residential Communities of Loudoun

The Residential Communities of Loudoun County interactive map presents detailed information about existing and planned communities in Loudoun, including how many acres the community covers, how many units have been built, how many units may eventually be built, and the percentage of the project that is complete. View more information and a link to the map.

Contact Information

Users with questions or comments should email the Department of Planning and Zoning or call 703-777-0246.


The land use data for structures, parcels, and projects are developed and maintained by the Department of Planning and Zoning. This data is used for land use, capital facilities, and transportation planning purposes. In addition, it is used for fiscal, demographic, and market analyses. This data is not used for tax assessment purposes. For tax assessment land use data please reference Loudoun County’s tax assessment/parcel database.

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these data, however accuracy is not guaranteed. Loudoun County does not assume any liability arising from the use of these data or for any errors or omissions on this site. These data are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular service.

This Existing and Approved Development Tool has been developed based on certain assumptions and scenarios approved by the Board of Supervisors for research and analysis purposes only. It is not intended to give, or deny, any right to landowners and it is not intended to substitute or change in any form the land use process as prescribed in the ordinances and other norms of the county. Reliance on these data is at the risk of the user.