Loudoun County offers a number of recycling programs as well as our Recycling Guide, which outlines items that can be recycled through curbside recycling and at the county’s recycling drop-off centers. We encourage you to help keep waste out of recycling by consulting information in the guide and on this webpage about whether a specific item can be included in curbside recycling.

A to Z Recycling Information

Recycling Programs

For specific programs, click the appropriate tab below.

  1. Business Recycling
  2. Christmas Tree Recycling
  3. County Recycling Centers
  4. Donating Used Items
  5. Electronics Recycling
  6. Glass Bottle & Jar Recycling
  7. Hazardous Waste Program
  8. Paper Shredding  
  9. Plastic Bag Recycling
  10. Recycling Bin Loan Program
  11. Residential Recycling

Business Recycling

Businesses located in Loudoun County are required to recycle per Loudoun County Ordinance Chapter 1086

Business Recycling Resources

  • Loudoun County offers technical assistance to help businesses implement a successful recycling program.
  • If your business currently receives garbage collection service, your service provider should be able, and in most cases is required, to provide recycling service. 
  • Adding recycling service will reduce the capacity needed for regular trash and may provide an opportunity for a price reduction in your trash bill to offset the cost for establishing the recycling collection service.

The following links are provided to guide you in developing a business recycling program:

Directory of Permitted Solid Waste Collectors

Steps to Starting a Recycling Program at Work (PDF)


For additional information or technical assistance in implementing your business-recycling program, please call 703-771-5500 or visit the Frequently Asked Questions on Business Recycling.

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