Community Outreach Meetings

Public Input

September 2016 Preliminary Draft

Loudoun County held a public information session to present an overview of the preliminary draft of the Silver Line Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM). The meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at Moorefield Station Elementary School in Ashburn. The meeting was used to present draft information and policies in the CPAM. The information provided built upon details previously provided at the June 29, 2016, public meeting where land use information was presented. Topics such as vision, urban design, community facilities, and transportation were discussed. Attendees were asked to provide feedback to help guide continued work on the CPAM document.

The PowerPoint presentation that was used to provide new and updated plan information at the September 13, 2016, public meeting has been posted. The presentation was intended to give meeting participants a sense of plan policies that will be incorporated into the Silver Line CPAM.

 Also, a September 13, 2016, working draft of the Silver Line CPAM has been posted below. The text and policies contained in the working draft document are solely intended to demonstrate the general content and vision of the plan to the public. The content of the document will continue to be modified to add additional policies and to address ongoing modifications.

June 2016 Proposed Land Uses

The County held a public meeting on the Silver Line Small Area Plan Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at Moorefield Station Elementary School. Participants provided feedback on the proposed land uses and other elements of the Small Area Plan. 

August 2015 Scenario Development & Testing

The second Scenario Planning Study Workshop was held at Moorefield Station Elementary School on August 26, 2015. Participants evaluated three land use scenarios and manipulated assumptions via CommunityViz (the model being used to test scenarios) and worked to compile a fourth scenario. This session gave participants the opportunity to understand the various impacts and benefits associated with the different scenarios. The meeting began with a presentation to the public of how the scenarios have been developed and how the software can be used to evaluate impacts. Participants reviewed the alternatives, raised questions, tested assumptions, presented new scenario ideas, and determined their scenario preference. On the following day, there was a daytime work session for key stakeholders to ask questions and participate in the same exercise. Input gathered at this session and the previous evening's work session will be used to develop the fourth scenario that reflects feedback from participants.

May 2015 Issues Identification

This one-and-a-half day session focused on introducing the project, soliciting views regarding the issues and conditions of which the team needs to be aware, and discussing the potential future visions for the study area. The meeting started in the evening with a presentation to the public from the project team and included a work session for attendees to describe their ideas. There was also some time after the meeting to discuss the project and ideas with the project team. On the day following the meeting, there was an opportunity for land owners, stakeholders, and citizens to drop-in to present their ideas for prioritization to the project team in scheduled sessions.

Additional Information

View additional information on the Scenario Planning Study.