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  1. TEDed Club
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Ready for an opportunity for you to get your ideas out to the world and create a real TED talk?

Loudoun County PRCS and Loudoun County Public Libraries are partnering on a virtual TEDEd program for middle school and high school students. This will be a self-paced program with guidance from teen youth leaders and adult support staff. The only requirement is that you have to show up to each session and complete all of the homework outside of the program.

TED-Ed Club’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of every student and educator in the world, and we’re excited to welcome you on the journey! Read on to learn more about TED’s global student voice initiative and how to get involved.

What exactly is the TED-Ed Student Talks Program?

• It supports students in discovering, developing and sharing their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.

• It is a space for students to explore, think critically about and discuss ideas.

• It is a platform that helps students develop presentation literacy skills, while connecting them to a global community.

 The next session of the TEDEd Virtual Club will begin on Wednesday January 6th, 2021 at 6 PM. Sessions will meet biweekly for an hour via Go-to-Meeting. Please email [email protected] for more information on how to attend!

  1. Teen Volunteers
  2. Youth Development
  3. Youth Advisory Council

Teen Volunteer Program    

  • Provides an opportunity to complete your community service hours in a dynamic setting
  • Volunteer opportunities vary and may include service hours in children’s programs, parks and community centers
  • Current volunteer opportunities are for high school teens.
  • Check out our latest video.

How to participate

For Parents of Teens

  • In order to develop their communication skills, teens are required to complete the application, contact references, make program inquires and handle professional communication on their own.
  • To keep parents informed, teens can copy parents on email communications, and our staff will use "reply-all" when responding.

More Information

For more information, contact us by phone at 703-777-0343 or by email.