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Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands

The Loudoun County Youth Advisory Council, Loudoun Youth, Inc., and Loudoun PRCS present the Battle of the Bands!


Battle 1 Results

1st Place - Eternal Moon

2nd Place - Yonatan
Fan Favorite - The Wickers
Best Solo Artist - Ed Chong

Battle 2 Results

1st Place - The Venture Jazz Collective

2nd Place - ACT

Fan Favorite - Blackfire

Best Solo Artist - Emilia Battaglia

Battle 3 Results

1st Place - Downe Lands
2nd Place- World View
Fan Favorite - Butter Chicken Band
Best Solo Artist - Penelope Lyla

Final Battle

Friday, March 15, 2024, at Tally Ho Theater

$8 at the door

Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

About Battle of the Bands

For over a decade, the competition's support of YAC's "For teens, by teens" mission has provided a 100% free platform for teen musicians to play for a live audience, in a popular venue, with professional sound mixing. 
In addition to exclusive prizes granted to the winning acts, the program provides useful feedback to the bands/acts from a panel of industry experts who judge the competition with a skilled ear. 
Many former competitors say part of their success came from the lessons learned while playing in The Battle. Some have gone on to play such major events as the Van's Warped Tour, American Idol, and even open for Bon Jovi at the Capital One Arena - as high school students!

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Teen Volunteer Program    

  • Provides an opportunity to complete your community service hours in a dynamic setting
  • Volunteer opportunities vary and may include service hours in children’s programs, parks and community centers
  • Current volunteer opportunities are for high school teens.

How to participate

For Parents of Teens

  • In order to develop their communication skills, teens are required to complete the application, contact references, make program inquires and handle professional communication on their own.
  • To keep parents informed, teens can copy parents on email communications, and our staff will use "reply-all" when responding.

More Information

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