Seniors Crime Prevention

What is TRIAD?

TRIAD is a national movement which began in 1988 with the intent of helping keep senior citizens safe and secure in their communities. TRIAD represents a partnership among senior service agencies, law enforcement, public safety providers, and seniors themselves - to address health and safety concerns of seniors. TRIAD works together to reduce the criminal victimization, enhance the delivery of law enforcement and public safety services, and keep seniors up to date with relative and current information on services available to them within their community.

Loudoun TRIAD

Loudoun TRIAD is a partnership between numerous agencies with the express mission to help ensure a safe and thriving senior community. TRIAD partners include:

Get Involved: Volunteer as a TRIAD Community Ambassador

In addition to participating in the education, outreach, and communication activities of TRIAD, seniors may wish to become one of our Volunteer TRIAD Community Ambassadors.

TRIAD Community Ambassadors solicit feedback and disseminate educational information to their senior living communities or groups throughout Loudoun County. Ambassadors are a critical link to the often confusing world of available services. Often, help is needed to navigate the administrative layers that can cause delays when searching for answers or information. Community ambassadors help provide informational resources to seniors to help them more easily navigate available programs, services, and resources. These resources could include such things as care-giving, crime prevention, nutritional assistance, affordable prescription plans, fire prevention and life safety, or transportation.

TRIAD Community Ambassador Training

All Community Ambassadors receive 4 hours of training and also receive a resource notebook to refer back to as they help their fellow seniors.

Contact Information

For more information about TRIAD related services, for more information please email the LCSO Crime Prevention Unit.

To get more information about volunteering as a TRIAD Community Ambassador, please email Debra Bressler or call 703-777-0257.